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(1) Scheduled Auctions  2018

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Sunday September 9th 2018

Start-9:00 am & Viewing-7:30 am

Iola, WI.

Bobs Big Red Barn

Old Taylor House

210 East Iola Street



Antiques & Collectibles Auction

An Amazing, Jumbo Collector Offering!  The Absolute Best Quality

Small Collectibles Auction in Wisconsin This Year, so far!


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LOCAL HISTORY:  Cleaves Iola Sport Shop 20 Gun 96” Wall Cabinet; also (16) ¾” Pine Deep Chest of Drawers 96” which Mr. Cleaves kept beneath Guns and kept in Stock most any type of Shotgun Shell; Rifle Ammunition and Hand Gun Bullets.  If you owned a firearm in Iola and the surrounding area, Cleaves had the ammunition you wanted or needed, in stock anytime at all times!

ADVERISING: Advertising Plates (see Ceramics & Glass); Vintage Coca Cola Tray; 1914 Brooklyn, WI Water Lily Plate; R. H. Musselman Bakery & Grocery Stone Oven Bowl Medford, WI; Algoma Co-Op Small Pitcher; Dorchester, WI Advertising Plates; S. Paulson Dorchester Advertising Mirror; Dorchester Advertising Thermometer; Hershey’s Chocolate Bowl; Z.B.T. Baby Powder Tin –Full; Droste’s Cocoa Tin; Brown Deer, WI Bank Metal Rule; Sorbe & Loberg General Merc. Advertising Sign; Alf Rieckhoff World’s High Class Shooting Star Postal Cover; Monarch Ranges Authorized Dealer Sign; Ira Richards & Co. Silvered Hooks & Eyes Box; Kleenx Tissues Box Containing Political Tin Litho Buttons as Illustrated; Clysmic King of Table Waters Waukesha Tray; Big Shoe Store LaCrosse Wooden Whistle; Gresolvent Sample Tin; 1973 St. Paul Winter Carnival Pin; James Kirk American Family Soap Bar; Victorian Glass Buttons; Tiny Advertising Jack Knife; Union Leader Tobacco Can, Pocket Ton & Lunch Box Tin; Golden Eagle Tobacco Sign;1918 Bonlay and Brother Flour & Feed Fond du Lac Calendar; 1933 Chicago World’s Fair Leonard Refrigerator Dessert Recipes; 1940’s Chula Vista and Hotel Blackhawk Wisconsin Dells Brochures; 1931 Sears Fireside Parlor Heater Instructions; Wells Dry Goods Company Profit Sharing Coupons (5); 1919 Northern Paper Mills Literary Digest Article; 1904 Gordon and Ferguson Furriers St. Paul Purchase Orders (3); 1904 Mc Kibbon, Driscoll & Dorsey Brochure; 1930’s Kelvinator Cookery Brochure; 1933 CPIE Karastan Rug Mills Brochure; 1932 Dr. Defoe & Dionne Quints Lysol Booklet; 1941 Mc Connon Christmas Carol Booklet Winona, MN; 1940 Studebaker Commander &  President Auto Brochure; 1933 Chrysler & Dodge CPIE Auto Brochure; 1937 Terraplane Auto Owner’s Manual with Working Photograph Card and Service Policy; c1925 Studebaker Light Six Owner’s Manual; 1954 Pontiac Owner’s Manual; March, 1926 Motor Age Magazine; May 1926 Ford Dealer Service magazine; 1926 Ford Automobile Brochure; 1920 The Allen Automobile Instruction Manual; 1957 Chevrolet Owner’s Manual; 1927 Pierce- Arrow Series 80 Brochure; 1922 Independent Motor Truck Brochure; 1953 Plymouth Auto Brochure; 1956 Ford Auto Brochure; 1950 Pontiac Auto Brochure; 1956 Chevrolet Auto Brochure; 1957 Ford Auto Brochure; 1953 Plymouth Auto Brochure; Early 1950’s Farmall and International Tractor Brochure; 1972 Book Oldsmobile First 75 Years; Tampa Beauties Cigar Box Labels; New 1950 Chevrolet Raffle Ticket; Ghiradellis Milk Chocolate Motion Picture Cards (2); Plaza Hotel Eau Claire & Wausau $1 Gift Coupon; 1946 Coca Cola Ink Blotter; Junket (Cereal) Milk, Mineral and Vitamin Info; Karo Syurp Tin; S & M Tobacco Tin; Blenker’s Tavern Amherst WI Menu; Pleasant Ridge Tavern & Grocery Plaque Greenwood, WI;  Citizens Bank of Mukwonago Coin Bank with Coins; 1950’s Aluminum Lemon-aide or Kool-aide Set; President Suspenders Tip Tray; Kenny’s Teas-Coffees Tip Tray; Irving Ross Ice Cream Menu Cover; 1954 Ute Trail Stampede Rodeo at Woodland, CO Bumper Sticker; Sears-Roebuck Stereo View Set of (5); 1964 J. I. Case Stock Certificate; 1955 Babcock WI Gamble Store Iola Thermometer; 1957 Wisconsin Accordion Festival Program; 1950 Abbott Labs Report; 1948 Stevens Point Jacobs High School Nationalities Recipes; Advertising Coffee Mugs; Half & Half Tobacco Tins; Walker Drug Almond, WI Hand Fan; Case of (11) Embossed 1870’s Medicine Bottles for: Dr. Pete’s Kuriko; Columbia Premier Graphophone Celluloid Mirror; Bank of Durand Leather Check Book Cover; Union Star Zittau Cheese Factory Thermometer; San Felice Cigar Post Card; Golden Eagle Wooden Cigar Box; White Rock Waukesha Tip Tray; 1915 Dr. Miles Autograph, and more.                 

ANTIQUES:  Museum Quality Wind-Up Hardwood Turned Hard Wood Sides Stevens Point Made Baby Rocking Crib; Victorian Walnut Corner Shelf; Hard Wood Spinning Wheel; Red and Blur Castor Sets; Dorchester Wooden Water Tower; White Hat Wall Sconce; Stoneware Bed Warmer; Silver Compote; Silver Ewer; Vintage Living Room Laps with Shades (2); Framed Pictures:  Gentlemen of the Jury; Girl Pointing to Book & Girl in Pink Pinafore and White Bonnet; Articulated Old German Bisque Doll; Richard Hudnut Embossed Medicine Bottle; Ice-Blue Twisted Glass Victorian Towel Holder; Hand-Carved Wooden Shoes; Half Gallon Granite Pitcher; Small Granite Fry Pan; Red & White Enamel Double Boiler; Large Brass Eagles (3); Brass Tea Kettle; Sterling Silver Napkin Ring; Gorham  4 Pound 5 ½ .oz Sterling Silver Coffee or Tea Set Including Pitcher, Tray, Sugar & Creamer an Open Bowl; 1869 & 1871 Henry and James Smith Death Cards; c1910 Sheboygan, WI Deutsche Guild Ribbon Badge; Small Cast Iron Trivet; Hot Pan Lifter; 1915 Century Old English Mahogany Furniture Catalog Grand Rapids. MI; 1911 8x10 Photograph of Overland Automobile: c1880 Hand Carved Wooden Children’s Shoes; Narrow Wooden Block Plane; Spanish Butterfly Pin; Cupid Awake, Cupid Asleep Framed Images; Cast Iron Centipede Boot Jack; Sterling Silver Corn Cob Holders (8); Vintage Historical Iola Photographs from Parks Studio; Pre-1900 Very Erotic Franz Bayros Etching; Fancy Strand Cultured Pearls & Clip-On Cultured Pearl Earrings; Exposition Poster Stamps; 1901 Wm. McKinley Assassination Book; Covered Silver Butter Dish; Tiny Model Wooden Spinning Wheel; Cast Iron Fry Pans & Griddle; Decorative Maple Baby Crib; Large Hand-Carved Folk Art Pond Boat; Brass Eagle Counter Rack For Pocket Watches or Cigars; Huge Decorator Rust Rug 87” x 11’ 7”; 1870’s Dags; Rose China Set; Hard Wood Victorian Paneled Doors (8); Victorian Foot Tredle Sewing Machine in Exceptional Oak Case with Sewing Supplies; Oak Lounge Chair; Old Milwaukee Phone Book; Folding Slate Board with Activity Reel, and other neat items!            

BEER RELATED:  Bottles – Duncan Spring Long Neck Bloomer, WI; Drewrys Quart; Henniger Long Neck (2); Little Willy Half Gallon Marathon, WI; Huber Beer Glass; Small Bald Eagle Beer Tankard; Billy Can; Kingsbury Cone Top; Huber Cone Top; Miller High Life Tip Tray; Blatz Wooden Bottle Opener; Huber Beer Glass; Schoen’s Old Lager Wausau Beer Tray; Old Milwaukee Beer Tray; Krueger Ale & Beer Tray; Gettelman Beer Tapper Top; Schlitz Beer Tapper Top; 1950’s Walters Beer Election Day Poster; Old Fashion Lager Casseville, WI Beer Label; 1950’s Adler Brau Beer Coupon 1 Free Case for Thirty; 1958 Frederic Gettelman (Milwaukee Beer Baron) Signed Checks (9) with Statement; 1910 Pabst Brewing Co. Beer Varieties Folder; Knapps Beer Match Book Cover; 1959 Oshkosh Brewing Company Payroll Check; Budweiser Advertising Razor; 1981 Water Brewing Co. Payroll Check; Various Beer Labels & Place Matts; 1959 Oshkosh Brewing Co. Check; 1957 Berlin Brewing Co. Check; 1933 Schlitz Beer Letter Regarding Advertising in Kansas City Star; (10) 24 Can Cases of Point Brewery 1976  Bi-Centennial Cans Bottom Opened; 24 Can Case Point 1857-1982 125th Anniversary Cans Bottom Opened; 24 Can Case Point 1858-1983 in (4) Commemorative Six Packs for the 125th Anniversary of Stevens Point, Wisconsin Bottom Opened; Mixed Years Iola Old Cars Point Beer 24 Can Case Bottom Opened; 25/30 Gallon Wooden Beer Barrel; Coors Light Pool Cue; Medford, Wisconsin Brewing Company Wooden Beer Case; Walters Beer Cards; Krueger Beer Coasters; Lace Work & Yarn; Thatched Picnic & Clothes Basket; Very Early Colored Federal Seal along with other interesting selections.             

CARNIVALS & FAIRS:  1904 St. Louis World’s Fair Coffee Cup & Cranberry Cup; 1933 CPIE Expo Union Carbide Brochure, American Bible Society Brochure;  Expo 74 Spokane Saucer; 1934 Armour Meat Poster Stamps; Expo 67 Canada Paperweight; 1904 World’s Fair Jack Daniels Sign; 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair Postal Covers; 1935 Pacific International Postage Stamps (4); 1939 Golden Gate Expo Poster Seals 1934 World’s Fair Cane, and more.        

(QUALITY) CERAMICS & GLASS:  Fabulous Fabrege’ Multi-Faceted Fruit Bowl; Green Depression Pitcher; Ruffled Milk Glass Bowl; 3 Crown Elk Saucer; Kaukauna Paper Mills Tea Plate; Large Spout Running Deer Pitcher; Three Dog Band Shaving Mug; Small Dog Planter; Small & Medium Glass Oil Lamp Chimneys; Colonial Gent Creamer; 4piece Clear Sandwich Set; 1914 Brooklyn, WI Merc. Plate; Arends Bros. Greenwood, WI Dog & Bunny Plate; Hound with Mallard Plate; North Western Lumber Mill Stanley, WI Plate; Wausau WI View Plate; G. W. Jenewein General Merc. of Wilton, WI Plate; Red Birch Lumber Co. Catawba WI 1910 Calendar Plate; Scandinavia, Wisc. Souvenir Plate; Etched Miss Muffet & Spider Plate; Marathon City Souvenir Heart Dish; Circular Jello Mold; Fancy Covered Pattern Glass Cheese Keeper; Heavy Pattern Glass Floral Punch Bowl Base; 1950’s Orange Juice Pitcher; 1976 Bi-Centennial Coffee Mug with Souvenir Plate; Blue Depression Syrup Pitcher; Casting Reel Planter; H & H Fancy Floral Cup; White Bull Creamer; German Bone Dishes; Queen Louise Plate; 1910 Calendar Plate for A. H. Glsozinski of Amherst Jct., WI; Pattern Glass Salt & Pepper; Clear Glass Parlor Oil Lamp; Green Painted Boudoir Oil Lamp; Ruffled Edge Milk Glass Bowl; Dells Paper Mill Souvenir Creamer; Green Depression Sherbet; Clear Glass Dual Compartment Jewel Box; Brown Sugar Shaker; Green Bay Packers Coffee Mug; Universal Oven-Proof Bowl; Vitamin Jar; Three Crown Pear Plate; Japan Flow Blue Saucer; Bisque Bald Eagle on Wooden Base; Kleanser Kate China Shaker; Austria Floral China Flower Holder; Ruffled Top Ornately Painter Blue Water Pitcher; Oriental Water Lily Vase; Blue Faceted Salt Cellar; Blue Floral Salt & Pepper; Pearl Gold-Tipped Creamer; German Toothpick; China Egg with Violets; Gold-Tipped Iris Salt & Pepper; Albert Pick Celery; Angelic Ceramic Bell; Rhinelander Paper Mill Souvenir Creamer; Large Ceramic Bald Eagle Head; Patriotic Eagle Tankard & Jar; Wilhite of California Bowl in Metal Holder; 1976 Bi-Centennial Bread Plate; Drip-O-Lator Cactus Coffee Pot; Mallard Duck Planter; Cow Creamer; Noritake Caddy; Oriental Covered Tea Mug; Small Duck Planter; Rare German Castle Geometric Footed Bowl; Clear Beer Pitcher; Wisconsin Pocket Whiskey Pint; Glass-Bake Oven Bowl; Victorian Iris Vase; Hand-Painted Oriental Bowl & Saucer; Peshtigo, WI Souvenir Vase; Old Abe Civil War Eagle Whiskey Bottle; Pair of Amazingly Hand-Painted Oriental 15” Urns of Museum Quality; 1950’s Calgary Stampede China Cup; Prussia Hand-Painted Saucers; Flow-Blue German Vinegar & Oil Bottles; Reverse Etched Eagle Paperweight; Covered Silver-Plate Butter; Royal Wettin Austria Fish Plates (11) Giant Pike, Rising Bass, Diving Bass & Red Snapper; Carmel Slag Pedestal Bowl; Tulip Top Flow Blue Liquor Bottles (2); F. Sixta Embossed Manitowoc Whiskey Bottle; Occupied Japan Sad Dog Planter; Heavy Heraldic Eagle Ash Tray; German Apple Design Powdered Sugar Shaker; Pink Depression Sugar; Carnival Footed Bowl; Bavarian Grapes Plate; Footed Depression Fruit Bowl; Vintage Madison, WI Capitol Plate; Reverse Heart & Floral Custard Baking Plate; Large Ceramic Eagle; Seidel, Inc. Dorchester, WI Ash Tray; Huge Germany Coffee Mug; 1912 Ole A. Buslett Northland, WI Calendar Plate; Wurttemberg Game Bird Plate; Nippon Floral Plate; Cranberry Top Iola Mug; Coley Lumber, Feed & Fuel North Prairie, Wi Watt Pitcher; Sandstone Slab Carved Eagle Slab; Forest City Creamery Rockford Paperweight; Beefeater Pitcher; Sequoia Hand Bell; Pig & Schoolhouse Cookie Jars and other Yummy Selections!;                                     

COINS, TOKENS, MEDALS & CURRENCY & CHECKS: Mixed Silver Coins including Silver Dollars; Really Old Type Coins; Series 521 Five Cents MPC; Checks – 1972 Atlanta Braves; c1910 Mansfield’s Bank Johnson Creek, WI Counter Check; c1915 Bank of Lake Mills, Wi Counter Check; 1925 Lithuanian League Check; Shawano Bank Leather Money Pouch; $1 CCC Camp Exchange 5 Cent Chits; 1945 $25 & $50 USA Savings Bonds Cancelled; 1981 Iola Days $5 Merc. Scrip; 1901 Lincoln County Bank of Merrill Check; 1896 C. N. Nelson Lumber Co. Cloquet, MN Check; Mixed Tokens (25); Deluxe Coin Albums;  1957 Consecutive Number $1 Silver Certificates; 1957 Silver Certificate 22222203 Serial # All Gem CU; 1934D $5 Silver Certificate Choice CU; Wheat Cents; 1981 $5 Iola Days Scrip Note; Indian Cents; V Nickels; Buffalo Nickels; Folder with 80 World Coins; Coin Collectors Albums, Books and Supplies; Franklin Mint Collectors Kit; Boxes of Nickel, Quarter and Silver Dollar Tubes; Wooden Coin Boxes (5); 1960’s & 70’s Red and Blue Coin Value Guides; Electronic Gram Scale, and More!               

DOLLS & TOYS:  AMP Fire Fighter Pedal Truck; c1915 Original Rosie O’Neill All Bisque Kewpie Dolls (8) Various Forms and Sizes; 1926 Sesquicentennial Expo Cloth Doll; Ertl Sears Semi Rig; Fishr-Price Hotel, Store; Bank & Sheriffs Building; Hand-Made Wooden Whistles; Small Army of Lead Solders; Old Wooden Rocking Horse; Fish Pond Boxed Game.   

HISTORICAL:  Splendid Ronald Reagan Collection Including (2) of His Personal Autographs; and a George Bush & Toby Roth Autograph who Personally Acquired the Collection for Elmer Oehlke; Kiowa Lodging House Chickasha, Indian Territory Letter Head; 1876 Old Abe Wisconsin Civil War Eagle Stereo View Card; c1915 Pheonix Log  Hauler Image; Double Handle Indian Basket; 1941 Pure Oil Co. Award Plaque to John Weisbrot; RARE Barnsdae Life of Buffalo Bill small Poster;    

MILITARY:  Post WW II Military Cards; AEF Battlefield Photo List; NCO Honorable Discharge; Military Blood Donor; NCO Club; 1944 Christmas Card – Advance Section Communications Hauler Eau Claire Photo; Wisconsin Logging Cabinet Photo Zone (Europe); 1944 Firestone Tires Enroute Armed Forces Activity Booklet; 1919 WW I Remount Depot Camp Fort Dodge, IA Thanksgiving Men; Wisconsin Bras Civil War Uniform Button; WW II Service Medal.     

MILK BOTTLES:  HALF PINT – Home Dairy Pulaski; Kress Dairy Medford; Grand Vu Dairy De Pere; Kilbourn Co-Op Creamery Wisconsin Dells; Tri-City Dairy Durand; Sweet Clover Dairy De Pere; Guenthers Dairy Antigo; 1898 Embossed Eagle; Lake Delton Dairy; Oak Park Dairy Eau Claire; Urbandale Guernsey Dairy Elkhorn.  PINTS – Brook Hill Farm of Genesee Depot; Progressive Dairy Racine; Davelmar Dairy Farm Mukwonago.  QUART:  Onstad Dairy Cream Top (Spring Grove, MN; Kress Cream Top Medford; Peshtigo Dairy; Ellerman Dairy Athens; Capitol Dairy Madison; Midwest Plymouth, WI.  HALF GALLON:  Stevenson Dairy Dane; Seeger’s Dairy Merrill; Pet Milk North Prairie Bottle Pogs (3).   

OUTDOOR SPORTING & SPORTS:  Remington Woodsmaster Model 81 300 Savage – Uncommon! 1940’s Western Super X 30-30 Box with (7) Bullets; Superior .22 Short Full Box; 1973 IRS Fire Arms License Ontonagon County, MI. 1950 Fisherman’s Weeping Towel; 1990 Score Mixed Hockey Card Case; 1990 Score  Unsorted Teams Hockey Card Case; 1990 Fleer Basketball Team Sets Case; Never Used Canadian Long Snow Shoes; Milwaukee Brewers 1982 League Champs Tee; Hunting Vest; 1950’s New York Yankees Popcorn Megaphone; 6.t Mannlicher Clips; Weber Mouse Popper; Westparks Nickel Badge; MIB Early Winchester Flashlight; Large Metal Tackle Box; Slall Deer Antlers; Tackle Boxes with Tackle; Kids Ice Skates; Boat Anchor; Trappers Hide Scrapper; 1975 & 1976 Wisconsin Guide Buttons; Pete Gray Autographed Picture; 1972 Topps Foot Ball Cards:  #1 1971 AFC Rushing Leaders; #6 1971 NFC Pass Receiving Leaders; #58 Ken Bowman; #93 Ted Hendricks; #170 Dick Butkus.  1975 Topps Foot Ball Cards:  #7 George Blanda; #13 Sam Cunningham; #15 Greg Landry; #16 Buck Buchanan; #33 Bubba Smith; #39 Rocky Bleier; #55 Craig Morton; #100 Bob Griese; #160 Ken Anderson; #196 Jim Langer; #243 Lynn Dickey; #282 Lynn Swan; #310 Roman Gabriel; #318 John Hannah; #367 Dan Fouts; #400 Fran Tarkenton.         

POLITICAL:  1903 Wedgwood Teddy Roosevelt Flow Blue Plate; 1901 William McKinley Plate; Philip LaFollette Campaign Card;.     

POTTERY:  Weyauwega Watt Apple Cream Pitcher; Hull Apple Blossom Planter; Weller Apple Blossom Vase; Hull Rosella Apple Blossom Vase; Kewaunee Co-Op Watt Syrup Pitcher;  Large Decorative Genie Bottle;   

RAILROAD:  Soo Depot Park Falls, WI Plate; Soo Line Box Car Potato Heater; 1947 Great Northern Railroad History of the Blackfoot Indian Tribe; 1951 Milwaukee Road Hiawatha Bar & Lunch Menu; Milwaukee Road Boxed Play Cards; 1913 Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul La Crosse Division Employee Time Pass; Flip Sign with 13 Caution Messages including Machinery, Gas, Poison, Oxidizer, Stowaway, Combustionable, Etc; Soo Line Box Car Gas Heater Potato Shipping Heater.    

REAL PHOTO POST CARDS:  1910 Eau Claire Anti-Saloon Post Card; Local Families including Isakson, Isaacson; Murat; Johnson; Bestul; Ambroson; Rollofson; Hoyord; Jenson; Nelson; Hanson; Schneider; Melum; Olsad; Rassmasum; Halvorson; Swenson; Faluks; Anderson; Kolden; Stenson; Lee; Gunderson; Sanderson; Stenson; Iverson; Hale; Wallis; Foxen;

SPECIAL:  Heavy Oak Wains-Coating, as follows:  5 3/8 x 33” (100); 5 3/8 x 40” (44); 7 ½ x 40” (2); 5 1/8 x 21 1/8 (26); 8” Wains-coated Base Boards approximately 70-80 Feet.     

STAMPS:  100 Mint 1940’s German 15 Pfenning Hitler Stamps; Great American Indian Chiefs Stamp Sheet of 10 from Gambia; 1934 Yosemite Commemorative Stamp and Souvenir Sheet; 1939 Golden Gate Expo Poster Stamps; Louisiana Purchase Postal Cover; Pete Rose Grenada Baseball Stars Stamp Sheets; Substantial Stamp Collection; First Day of Issue Postal Covers  

STONEWARE:  Stone Corn Syrup Pitcher; R. H. Musselman Stone Medford Bean Pot; Peter Bootzin Medford, WI Bean Pot; another smaller Bootzin Bean Pot from Medford; Blue-Band Beater Jar; Bowl for Peter Bootzin Abbotsford & Medford, WI; Half Gallon Stone Butter Crock; Very Old Lily Stone Bowl; Western Stone Bowl;     

VARIA:  18 x 30 Heavy Steel Display Cases with Heavy-Duty Shippers x Cases in one Shipper; x Cases in the other Shipper; 30/40 Foot Roll Unused Heavy Half or ¾” Copper Tubing; 1971 Bob Hope and Family Christmas Card; 2004 Topps Cracker Jack Aubrey Huff Signed Baseball Card; 1965 Nebraska State Seal Autographed Acknowledgement by Governor Frank Marsh; 1924 Black Kids Photo Card; 1898 Aetna Life Insurance Policy for Lawrence Moon Stanley, WI; 1950’s Marshfield Bank & Trust Hotel Do Not Disturb Master Charge Door Hanger; 8x Gander Mountain Camo Pants; Boys Mouth Harp in Tin Box; Jade Base Table lamp and other Lamps; Eagle Toilet Tank Rug; 1965 Jordanian Lottery Coupon; French Ivory Celluloid Dresser Set (6) pcs; 1920’s High-Grade Ladies Gold Watch Band with (5) Blue Sapphires; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collector Pins & Single Silver Dollar Belt Buckle Holders; Mint in Package (7); Significant Bald Eagle Collection; Figural Lead Clown with Dogs; Tarpaper Rolls; Decorative Narrow Walnut Dresser Mirrors; Blue Top Wicker Baby Boy Bassinette; 47” Hinged Top Maple Blanket & Quilt Chest; Large Quantity of Various Thomas the Tank Engine Framed Collector Prints; 30 or so Gallon Plastic Water Container; MIB Door Closing Unit; MIB Household Tools & Parts; New Brass Lock and Knob Assembly with Hardware; California License Plates; Cobblers Cast Iron Work Stand; Underwood 1920’s Typewriter; Very Well Made Wooden Single Bed Frame; Blue GMC or Chevrolet Suburban Third Seat; Mop Reservoir & Wringer on Wheels; Very Old Wooden Washer Wringer; Plastic Waste Containers; Fold UP Lawn Chair; Cushioned Lawn Lounge Chair; Igloo ¾ Gallon Water Cooler; Coleman Water Cooler; Plastic Newspaper Bin; 3 Gallon Plastic Water Caddy; Craftsman Folding Table Legs; Clean Single Mattress; Artificial Xmas Tree; Three Sets of Custom Made Heavy Duty Drapes; 10 Foot Folding Table needs leg repair; Ladies Boxed Burgundy Dress Shoes; Home light Chain Saw; Knapp Wax Eliminator; GE Radio; Kitchen Stuff; Sears Deluxe Portable Typewriter;  Soldering Coppers; Brandt Watertown, WI Coin Counter Stands (2) One Near Mint the other Mint in Box … Cost over $500 each in 1980!  Cast Iron Andirons; Federal Eagle Design Highly Carved Wall Mirror; 32 x 4 Tire Chains in Original Bag; Large Samsonite and other Suitcases; MIB Glenwood Toilet Seat; 100 & 120 Amp Eureka Vacuum Cleaners; Dozens of Ceramic Dental Cabinet Glass Trays; Snapper Snow Blower; Small Tires on Rims; Wire Milk Crate; Waders; Patriotic Wall Clock; Nuts & Bolts Assortment; Carrying Cases; Moving Blankets; Blankets; Quilts; Clean Sleeping Bags; Wallpaper; Tarzan Books, Complete; TV & Radio Tubes; Roller Blades; Mimeo-Graph; Reams of New 8 ½ x 16” Paper; Heavy Oak Kitchen Chairs (9); Leather Top Stools (3); Igloo Cooler; Durango Cowboy Boots; New Leather Boots; Old Wooden Bushel Basket; Kitchen and Bath Hand Towels; Vintage Arctic Cat Snowmobile Suits; Cowrie & Agate Necklaces; Green Agate Earrings; Lockwood Door Lock; Silver Candy Dish; Gents Bronze Jewelry Box; Stag Cards; Grecian Plaque; 1950’s School Desk; (9’) Walnut Dresser; Elk Island Gods Lake Manitoba Coffee Cups;  Elk Island Manitoba Gold Mine Core Samples with Sample Holding Plank; Restaurant Booth Cushions; Potatoes & Onions Box; (8) Indoor Shutter Sets; Auto Tire on Chrome Rim; Logging Chain; Engine Fly Wheels & Axle Parts; Towel Caddy with Towels; Christopher Columbus Book; Copper Eagle Weather Vane with Shaft; (10) Line Master Telephone; Clamp-On Table Lamps; USA Military Power Squadron Certificate; Card Tables; Snow White Mug; Auctioneer Clerking Ticket Holder; Black Star Sapphire Diamond Tie Tack; Gold Locket; Jewelry Made From  Prophylactics!

If you are looking for an Auction Firm that can deliver this type of pre event promotional advertising, targeted mailing and total event offering listing, welcome to Jim Arneson Auction Service.  Get in touch with Jim at (715) 819-6723 or (715) 819-2689.  Jim is Registered Wisconsin Auctioneer #837 and proudly carries on the family Auction Business stated by his father in the 1930’s.  Jim is a personable and pleasant fellow always keeping in mind the well-being of his clients and always pointing them in the best direction!  From his Neillsville, Wisconsin Base, Jim is a well-known and highly respected member of the professional fraternity of Auctioneers.  Jim, together with Cashier and Clerk Ed Newman Welcome you to another outstanding Arneson Auction Event – This one in friendly Iola, Wisconsin!                                   


Terms: Cash, Check.       Visa/Mastercard/Discover/Paypal with 3% Fee

10% Buyer Fee       5.5% Sales Tax Collected

Registered WI Auctioneer #836 Jim Arneson

Arneson Auction Established 1937

Neillsville, WI. 715-819-2689

Sparta, WI 608-797-5086



 Reg. Wisconsin Lic. #836

Jim Arneson    715-819-6723


215 E Division St.    Neillsville, WI. 54456




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Ed Newman    608-797-5086


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